Milo and the Midnight Zone is a collision-based exploration game set in a magical water-based world where the use of light, color, and sound ease the player into a calm flow state. For the latest news:


     Milo and the Midnight Zone is:

       • A mindful multi-sensory experience for all ages
       • A game that encourages players to relax, fidget, and solve simple light-based puzzles

       • A game that gives players the opportunity to create music through collision events

The Making of Milo and the Midnight Zone | A Postmortem

The Team

Ryan Andersen

Creative Director

Game Designer

Music & Audio

Iris Chen

UI Designer

Rudi Vanzin


Usability Testing

Karter Duff

Narrative Consultant

Satrio Dewantono

Lead Programmer

Caleb Bladh

Animation Consultant

The Committee

Margaret Moser

Carl Schnurr


Siera Sinclair

Earliest Prototype (Slam Jammer, Fall 2018):

Stylized Water Prototype (Spring 2019):

Lighting Experimentation:

Magnet Mechanic/Experimentation:

Environmental Design/Concept:

Post Processing Experimentation:

Early "Lasso" Mechanic Design:

Placeholder Art:

Petroglyph Art PNG created by amitkmr006 found at (

Incandescent Light Bulb Lighting Line Point PNG created by memingshoe at (

Ram Petroglyph by Sabato at (